Grant-In-Aid Application Process

In 2003, the DRUM Foundation was established. The Foundation provides grant-in-aid awards to community outreach and educational programs/projects intended to facilitate and enhance the quality of life within the African American community. These awards will be made in support of charitable and philanthropic organizations/program. The grants may be used for any charitable and philanthropic purpose that supports quality of life enhancement efforts with the exception of efforts intended for entrepraneual or personal gain.

Applicants must be a non-profit organization holding a current 501 (c)(3) or 501 (c)(4) tax exempt status.

Awards will be based on the merits of a 500 word proposal submitted by the non-profit organization. The applicant will use the attached DRUM Foundation, Inc application form. The project/program narrative must describe the purpose for the grant and the impact the grant will have on the community. It is important the proposal describes how the grant-in-aid award will be used to support the organization’s mission, and contribute to the non-profit organization’s community out-reach effort. The applicant should minimize the use of jargon/acronyms and take into account the selection committee will be comprised of individuals who may not be technical experts or familiar with the applicant’s field of expertise.

The applicant’s written proposal will be forwarded to and reviewed by the DRUM Foundation. The reviewers will evaluate both the proposal’s merits and the ability of the non-profit organization to carry out the proposed effort. The DRUM Foundation will use the attached application form and submit their written recommendations directly to the DRUM Foundation Executive Board for final approval.

An original and two copies of the completed proposal documents must be received by the DRUM Foundation on or before the established deadline date.

Applicants receiving DRUM Foundation Grant-in-Aid awards are required to submit a written final report in January of the following year. This report will summarize the award recipient’s community out-reach accomplishments, including those made possible by the DRUM Foundation Grant-in- Aid award.

Completed application packages must be postmarked no later than the applicable deadline and mailed to:

The Developmental Roundtable for Upward Mobility (DRUM) Foundation
Attention: Grant-In-Aid Committee Chairperson
P.O. Box 325
Washington, DC 20044

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